Ahead of the Verzuz battle against Soulja Boy, Bow Wow revealed that he was stressed out because of the show. Moss’ stressed stemmed from an issue he had with the hard drive containing all his music for the show. Bow Wow noted the drive with the music crashed only minutes before the show was set to start. It seems as if Bow Wow wasn’t the only one dealing with issues before the show, as Soulja Boy almost didn’t perform due to issues outside of the venue.

In a recently surfaced clip, Soulja Boy could be seen trying to get his crew into the venue where the Verzuz took place but ran into issues. The rapper was heard saying, “I'll leave this s**t right now. There won't be no live. There won't be no Verzuz.” From there, Soulja could be heard responding to a woman who said he and his people would have to go to the front of the venue to get in. The rapper said, “Nah, they going to the back to the dressing room with me. These ain't no fans. These my artists. Yuh, so open this f**kin' gate." Take a look above.