A Twitter user went viral on Thursday after documenting her return to the United States following a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure.

The user, who goes by @MuvaofGotti on Twitter, posted a video clip of a long line of women at an airport waiting to board a plane as wheelchair passengers. While a long line of wheelchair passengers was unusual, even more shocking was the woman's claim that 95% of the passengers were BBL recipients.

"B**** it's 28 wheelchairs coming off this flight from [Dominican Republic] and Delta losing their minds tryna find 28 personnel's to push all these surgery b****** off the flight. 'GOOD EVENING, IF YOU CAN WALK PLEASE WALK,'" she wrote on Twitter.

The viral clip has been viewed on Twitter 2 million times and has further added to the discussion regarding the dangers of the BBL trend.

Look above to view the viral clip.