Recently, Trick Daddy reportedly made an appearance on a panel, where he and others on the panel discussed Jay-Z and Beyoncé. The couple is widely known as an impressive duo of artists with a wide array of accomplishments in music and business, but not everyone feels that way, including Trick Daddy. In a clip that surfaced from the panel, Trick can be heard speaking on Beyoncé in reference to another artist. The rapper said, “Beyoncé f**k with her because she see money. "Beyoncé ain't trying to give back to music or nothin'."

Trick Daddy’s comments didn’t stop there, as he continued saying, “Beyoncé don't write music and barely can sing her motherf**kin' self, Beyoncé can't sing!" He then went on to say, “Man, I watched my godmama train Beyoncé, vocal lessons all her career.”

From there, the Florida rapper gave his take on Jay-Z, saying, “I'mma give an unpopular opinion right now: Beyoncé is to R&B what Jay-Z is to New York. That's why they together. Jay-Z ain't never won the greatest rapper alive. Whoever put him on a level like that?" Trick Daddy then said that New York needed someone to step in after the Notorious B.I.G. passed away, so the people of the city gave Hov the title. Listen above.