Part 9: Play (Kid 'n Play) on Touring with NWA, Relationship with 2Pac
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In the latest clip, Play described his early interactions with Salt-N-Pepa and Martin Lawrence. While it was said he, Kid, Hurby Luv Bug, Martin Lawrence, and Salt-N-Pepa all worked at the same Sears, he clarified that he only worked with Kid and Hurby and the latter two came later. He also spoke about him and Kid's early records gaining a buzz around the tri-state area and gave credit to some of the early pioneers that helped get their music heard by wider audiences.

Play also spoke on witnessing Salt-N-Pepa blow up and experiencing early success with Kid 'N Play's "2 Hype" album. He also revealed that Kid did most of the duo's writing, while he focused on their image and visual concepts. Play also explained that their famous kick step dance came out of desperation because promoters for their first tour wouldn't pay for backup dancers. check out the rest of the clip to hear Play's thoughts on the duo being labeled as "squeaky clean."

Interview by Shawn Prez
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