Part 13: Zab Judah on Getting an Outlawz Tattoo, Vlad Asks If He's a Member
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In this clip, Zab Judah discussed why his dad ultimately decided to put him and his brother into boxing as opposed to kickboxing. Despite his father being a champion of the sport, he knew the financial payoff wasn't nearly what it is in boxing. As a result, he groomed his boys to become boxers. This prompted Vlad to make the point that it seems most boxers come from fighting families/backgrounds and are trained at an early age. Except for someone like Bernard Hopkins, who went pro in his late 20s after leaving prison.

Zab also discussed whether he'd be okay with one of his sons becoming a boxer. Zab said it's not something he'd discourage but would have to see proof that his son has the ability to handle himself in the ring without absorbing too much punishment. Zab also said that he believes anyone can be molded into a championship level boxer. It's about the amount work one puts in as well as their mindset.