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Part 10: Scott Ross: Suge Knight Considered Exposing 2Pac's Shooter to Pay Defense
Part 1: Michael Jackson's Private Investigator Scott Ross on How He Got Started


In the final clip, Scott Ross spoke on the Bill Cosby case and agreed with Tom Mesereau's opinion of the case being unfair. He claimed the case was questionable from he start due to the "backdoor history" between the judge and prosecutor. Ross also spoke out against Cosby's wife's decision to write an angry letter to the judge prior to sentencing and dispelled beliefs of Cosby having "tons and tons" of money. While Cosby is still incarcerated, Ross believes he will be released early due to his blindness and overall physical condition.

Scott Ross also detailed his favorite, more low-profile case. After stating that the Rampart Scandal was his favorite high-profile case, he talked about proving one of his clients was falsely convicted of murder and three counts of attempted murder. Ross explained that his client fired his gun at a group who targeted him and his friends. However, innocent bystanders were hit and the crime was pinned on him despite other guns being used in the shooting. Even though he was able to prove his client wasn't responsible, the DA and police offered his client to complete three years of his sentence rather than admit any wrongdoing, which is what his client accepted against his wishes.