Part 10: Scott Ross: Suge Knight Considered Exposing 2Pac's Shooter to Pay Defense
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Part 8: Scott Ross on Working for Both Michael Jackson and the Doctor Who Killed Him
Part 1: Michael Jackson's Private Investigator Scott Ross on How He Got Started


In the latest clip, Scott Ross spoke on the infamous fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown. With Chris Brown as his client, Ross revealed that Rihanna wanted Chris Brown behind bars, not because of the assault, but because her nudes had been leaked. Ross was able to find out that someone hacked Rodney Jerkins' phone and leaked her nudes along with Cassie's. Ross said prison time was taken off the table after he discovered the truth and he also confirmed Chris Brown also suffered injuries as a result of the altercation. To hear more, click on the above clip.

Scott Ross also spoke on his friendship with Sylvester Stallone and investigating the death of the actor's son. After Stallone's son Sage's death, police found multiple quaalude bottles at the son's home. Ross investigated the death amid rumors that Sage was dealing drugs or was heavily addicted. Ross found that Sage developed a heart murmur at 10, but was overweight and smoked four packs of cigarettes per day. Ross said that, combined with his love for soda, contributed to the boy's death.