Pooh Shiesty made his first court appearance on Wednesday (June 9) after being arrested the day prior and being charged with aggravated battery with a firearm in connection with an alleged shooting at King of Diamonds last month. 

Pooh Shiesty, real name Lontrell Williams, 21, appeared before Miami judge Mindy Glazer, and his lawyers detailed the incident at King of Diamonds. Pooh Shiesty's attorney said that the rapper's gun was accidentally fired as he reached into his pocket for money as he was leaving the club, which prosecutors denied. The prosecutor claimed that Pooh Shiesty fired his gun at a security guard after becoming angry when he was told to put his gun away. Pooh Shiesty's lawyer continued to argue against the claims, stating that a witness corroborated that Pooh Shiesty fired the gun after dropping money out of his pocket. 

After his lawyers argued that Pooh Shiesty isn't a flight risk, adding that he was self-surrendered, but prosecutors argued that Pooh Shiesty was told to surrender last week. The judge granted Pooh Shiesty's $10,000 bond, but ordered him to be held until he spoke with the judge in a separate Miami shooting case on Thursday (June 10).

In December, Pooh Shiesty was arrested in connection with a shooting in Bay Harbor Islands. In that case, he's been charged with armed robbery, aggravated battery with a weapon, aggravated assault with a firearm and petty theft. He had been out on bond since March after pleading not guilty in that case.