Update 06/08/2021 10:40am:

After Bow Wow took shots at Soulja Boy's hairline, the "She Make It Clap" rapper responded by taking shots at Bow Wow's reported net worth. 

Soulja Boy started out by stating, "Bow Wow, cut it out. My hair look better than yours, my hair longer than yours, I got more money than you. What is you talking ’bout some hair, man? I put them braids in, you got that from me. I’m the first rapper with the bald cut fade with the braids. I rocked that in 2019 before I got locked up in Malibu. You got that hairstyle from me, I’m the one that had the braids with the cornrows." 

He then added, "I'm the one worth $30 million Bow Wow, you broke. You worth $1.5 million dollars, I'm worth $30 million. You been in the game longer than me. You been in the game 20 years longer than me and I got more money than you." 

Things didn't stop there, as Soulja continued to take shots at Bow Wow allegedly living in an apartment while Soulja Boy lives in his luxurious mansion. He stated, "Stop worrying about what my hair look like, what your bank account look like? What your house look like? You stay in an apartment. I got a mansion. You stay in an apartment. I got Bentleys and Hellcats and basketball courts in the front yard, you ain’t even got a front yard." You can hear Soulja Boy's full response above. 

Original 06/07/2021 11:12am:

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy have been gearing up to face each other in a Verzuz battle, and the two have been taunting each other heavily on social media. Previously, Soulja Boy took to social media to bet his Lamborghini if Bow Wow wins the Verzuz. Now, Bow Wow has taken to Twitter to clown Soulja Boy and his hairline.

Bow Wow noted that he would be answering questions on Twitter, and Soulja Boy responded directly to Moss, saying, “How you get so lame? 🤔” Bow Wow fired back by saying, “I dunno I should ask you! Have you seen your hairline lately?”

Bow Wow then posted photos of Soulja Boy’s hairline, saying, “Soulja got them braids women get when they getting a sow in.” Take a look above.