Atlanta rapper Dae Dae has been identified as the suspect responsible for allegedly stabbing a 17-year-old girl working at Dunkin' Donuts.

The teenage victim said the December 2020 incident occurred when the 28-year-old rapper was upset that he couldn't "get what he wanted." After leaving the establishment, he returned and started an argument with the employee before the confrontation became physical.

During the physical altercation, Dae Dae allegedly pulled out and knife and struck the girl. When police arrived, the victim had a cut on her left arm but refused medical treatment. Surveillance footage of the incident shows the fight and a man violently swinging the knife before exiting the restaurant.

Dae Dae responded to the reports on Instagram and denied any involvement in the altercation.

"Anything to slammer my name huh," he wrote in a caption to a post about the news report. "They would wanna see me dead or in jail. It's crazy the type music I drop is nun but motivation music they treatin me like a mass criminal. NOT EVEN trippen lawyer paid up and Ima drop faster on you p*****." 

Dae Dae has been officially charged with aggravated assault.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution