Chad Ochocinco Johnson has been in the news lately, as the former NFL player revealed that he would be in the undercard for the Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul bout on June 6. Now, Ochocinco is making waves again, as he reportedly left a $1,000 tip while at the Turkey Leg Hut in Houston.

Ochocinco posted a photo of the receipt from his time at the restaurant, with the bill initially being only $4.28. In the tip portion of the bill, Ochocinco put $1,000, and at the bottom of the bill, he wrote, “I love you.” When posting to Twitter, the former NFL player wrote “Proverb 11:25 💫 (Turkey Leg Hut edition).” The quote Johnson references says, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Take a look above.