Male supermodel Tyson Beckford recently made an appearance on ‘Let’s Go Live!’ and talked about an incident where Kanye West’s peoples allegedly tried to press him in the bathroom of an event over comments made about Kim Kardashian.

Beckford said the incident happened while he was at the Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Fashion Show in Central Park. Beckford went on to say, “I was standing in the middle of Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton. [Kanye] was on the other side of the table, and when I tried to make eye contact with him, he wouldn’t look at me.” Beckford said from there, West’s peoples approached him while in the bathroom but noted he was with all the extras. Beckford reportedly said to one of the men, “I suggest you get out of this bathroom before I wipe you all over the wall.” From there, he said, “I’m like, ‘You did not want no smoke.’ I had on my tuxedo. I would have undone my tie and got into it if you wanted to, but you didn’t. I think you didn’t realize how big I was.”

Tyson Beckford says Kanye was too afraid to check him in person, noting that West went on to call him out on Instagram video weeks later. Watch above.