Not too long ago, Kid Cudi claimed that he popularized the surge in people wearing skinny jeans. However, Young Thug recently noted he’s responsible for the trend of the garment over the past few years during a recent interview with Wallo.

While speaking to Young Thug, Wallo talked about a conversation he had with Birdman, who said Thugger was the first to rock skinny jeans and make them fashionable. When being asked if he agreed, Thug said “100 percent.”  

Thug went on to say he could show pictures from 2009 and 2010 where he sported skinnies. The rapper went on to give his reasoning behind the move, saying, “I just always felt like baggy s**t, like, I don’t feel right when I have on baggy pants. I just feel like I’m naked. It feels like I’m loose. Your pants big as hell, man. Back then n***as wasn’t wearing briefs either. N***as had the boxer boxers. You have them big a** pants, and those boxers like you feel like you butt a** naked.” Take a look above.