Popular Youtuber EDP445 resurfaced after he was exposed for allegedly trying to meet up with a 13-year-old girl. Rather than mention the video footage of him allegedly getting caught in the act, he launched an expletive-filled tirade against the men who attempted to expose him.

EDP445 called out Predator Poachers' Chet Goldstein for "piggybacking" off of his success in order to boost his YouTube subscriptions. He pointed out alleged footage Goldstein making fun of people with disabilities and using racial slurs.

"Your credibility is f***** bro," EDP445 said. "See the difference between me and you is, my n****, the f****** Eat Dat P**** movement my n**** we ride in f****** packs bro. This ain't the f****** end, this is just the god**** beginning motherf*****, you feel me? And we will continue to straight whip our d**** out and piss in b****** mouths, my n**** you feel me? We take care of our own."

The Youtuber continued to cuss Goldstein out and predicted him and the CC Unit would fizzle out. He also called out fellow Youtuber ColdRaven for making videos criticizing him.

During his Facebook post, he alerted his followers that he was working on a website before calling out the rest of his critics and redirecting his attention to the man who confronted him in the viral video.

"You tried to take down good ol' Eat Dat P**** 445, my n****, but guess what motherf***** we still in the flesh," he continued. "The movement will continue. You have f****** failed, my n****."

Last month, Chet Goldstein confronted EDP445 for allegedly trying to meet with a 13-year-old. YouTube banned him as a result of the footage and the Kern County Sheriff's Office confirmed they were investigating the matter.