A convicted serial killer has reportedly started a new life as a transgender woman in Australia. 

The 74-year-old Australian, formerly known as Reginald "Tex" Arthurell, now goes by Regina Kaye. The convicted murderer came out on a transgender community Facebook page after her release from prison in November 2020. Since coming out, Arthurell has photographed herself in women's wigs and lipstick.

According to reports, Arthurell committed her first murder over 40 years ago when she stabbed her stepfather to death in 1974. While on the run, she and a male accomplice robbed and killed a 19-year-old sailor nearly ten years later.

Athurell ended up serving six years for her role in the sailor's murder before she was extradited to serve additional time for her stepfather's manslaughter.

She met her future fiancée in prison when they began writing to each other as pen pals. The couple moved in together after Arthurell was released on parole in 1991. However, six years later, Arthurell ended up bludgeoning her fiancée to death with a piece of wood and took a picture wearing her victim's clothes. She was later convicted of the killing.

Now living as Regina, she plans on undergoing a sex change as soon as possible. Look above to view additional before and after images.

Source: News.com.au