Part 8: China Mac Asks Vlad Why He Didn't Release Dark Lo's Last VladTV Interview
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Part 6: China Mac on His Club Shooting Incident Similar to Shyne's
Part 1: China Mac on Meeting DMX, X Recognizing Him from VladTV Interviews


In this clip, China Mac spoke about having a similar situation to Shyne, who opened fire in a club while with Diddy. China Mac admits that he was just beginning his rap career when he made the decision to bring a gun in a club, and he stated that he wasn't thinking correctly at the time. China Mac then added that he understands what Shyne was going through, and he explained why he thinks Diddy could've done more. Moving along, China Mac spoke about being at Rikers and the guards making him rap and telling his fellow inmates that their section would be searched if he sucked. After they saw that China Mac had talent, the Captain arranged for him to meet Shyne, who was recently arrested following the incident in the club with Diddy and J.Lo. To hear how things went between him and Shyne, hit the above clip.