Two people have been arrested for the 2020 murder of Bay Area rapper Lil Yase, real name Alexander Mark Antonyyo Jr.

Jovante Williams and Angel Butler, both 28, were arrested on Tuesday (April 27) on a murder warrant. According to reports, Alameda County prosecutors will determine whether to charge one or both of them with murder today (April 29).

Police revealed that the motive behind the murder was a love triangle involving Butler, who was dating both Williams and Antonyyo. Dublin police Cpt. Nate Schmidt revealed that Antonyyo made a dying declaration about his killers while he lay dying in the hospital. Crime scene technicians also found DNA on a shell casing from the gun used to shoot Antonyyo that was linked to Butler and Williams' child.

Schmidt wouldn’t reveal what Antonyyo said that led them to the couple, and it's unclear whether Williams or Butler is suspected of firing the fatal shots. 

More details to come. 

Source: Mercury News