Conway The Machine cleared the air on the status of Griselda during an interview with Bootleg Kev. Responding to online chatter that the collective was no longer as close, Conway admitted that Griselda has grown apart.

"I don't even think me and [Westside Gunn] knew what this s*** was gon' be when we started this s*** up," Conway said. "So them fans love us, man. More than we know sometimes. So yea it's concerns, man, genuine concerns and questions from fans."

Conway acknowledged fans' concerns about seeing him and Benny The Butcher pushing their own respective collectives, Drumwork and BSF. He stated that the core squad is still on positive terms but everyone has their own schedule and obligations.

"A couple of my tweets that I put out there probably didn't help things," he admitted. "The truth of the matter is we have grown apart. We not really the young boys no more, you know, just hanging out, chasing a dream. We all grown a** men with families and responsibilities and people to take care of and everybody got they own brands and other things that they expanding...time is very limited."

The rapper stated that they're all very busy, which makes it difficult for them to do shows together or appear on each other's projects as frequently as before. He also said Griselda has grown bigger than him, Westside Gunn, and Benny The Butcher but they're all family and are experiencing "natural growth" at this time.

To hear Conway explain more about the status of Griselda, check out the full clip above.