Quando Rondo released the fourth part of his interview with Angela Yee where he cleared the air regarding the "End of Story" track he released shortly after King Von's death.

Released two weeks after Von's passing, "End of Story" many considered the song a diss towards Von's "Crazy Story" series. Quando Rondo also offered little remorse or condolences for the death of King Von when he rapped, "Blood on your brother on the ground, gon' pick your mans up/Damn right we scrеaming self-defense, he shouldn't have never put his hands on me/Look at the footage, that's all the evidence, see them p**** n***** shouldn't have ran up on me."

However, Quando Rondo insisted that the song wasn't a diss but his view of the violent events that took place on the night of the shooting.

"Me saying 'End of Story' is just me saying this is the end of the story," he claimed, stating that the song was supposed to be the last time he touched on the topic. "I had no intentions...To be honest with you, ma'am, I didn't even know bruh has three or four songs called 'Crazy Stories.'"

To further prove his point, Rondo called his "big brother" during the interview to back his claims. After explaining to Angela Yee that he was at his friend's house when he recorded the song, his friend co-signed his claim that the song wasn't meant to be a King Von diss.

"I think you was saying you wasn’t going to talk about it no more. You was done with it," the friend said on speakerphone. "At first, you said something like 'End of Discussion'...Lowkey, I didn't pay attention until it came out."

Check out the full clip above.