A 22 year old human male (because I refuse to call this individual a man) named Thomas Edward Ampe from Minnesota potentially faces 20 years in prison after committing what a 33 year police officer called the "worst case of child abuse he's ever seen". Thomas Edward Ampe admitted to the following: Repeatedly shaking his daughter Dropping her from more than a foot high onto her back Shoving a bottle in her mouth so hard it seperated her gum and lip Smacking her on top of her head with an open hand The result of those repeated actions? 56 fractures in the infants arms, knees, ribs, legs and an MRI showed the child to be bleeding in 3 sections of her brain. His reason for doing this - the baby cries too much. The legal system needs to be modified so monsters like this don't even go to trail. Don't waste the tax payers money on imprisoning this savage. You just kill him, like a dog. Old Yeller style. Rot in hell Thomas, rot.