Cassidy and Hitman Holla faced off in Rare Breed Entertainment's Max Out battle on April 3, and there was a clear divide among the rap battle enthusiasts. 

During the second round, Hitman Holla was booed, and many fans online believed it killed his steam for the rest of the battle. Fans online believed that Cassidy was the clear winner, and Cassidy took to Twitter to declare it himself. He also claimed that he made Hitman Holla retire from battle rap.

Cassidy wrote on Wednesday (April 7), "@HitmanHolla is officially #retiring after losing to me clearly. He’ll never be the same, so he decided to never battle again.. It is what it is  #TheCassidyEffect It’s over for Da Bul! #BARSisBack #GoatGang #LetsGetToThisChicken."