RondoNumbaNine recently shared a message on Instagram about how the death of his close friend King Von is still affecting him.

He wrote, "Just the thought of how my boi passed away be f**kin wit me even thou I don’t question god, I still be thinking to myself these n***az ain’t even in the same 🛳 as us ! Know what the f**k we came from How much trauma we encountered? But look imma real one and real n***az don’t complain they just pick up where they left off nd turn up even more ! I’m doing that now and I anticipate doin that real soon out there ! Jmoney,Big A, T Roy, I’m on my oblock sh*t today 'f**k how you feel fr my real bruddas they got killed." 

RondoNumbaNine is still currently in prison after being sentenced to 39 years in prison for his role in a 2014 murder along with his friend Cdai. Back in 2018, Lil Durk hinted that Rondo would be released sometime in the future, but he's still scheduled to officially be released in 2056. You can read his message above.