Lil Bibby's reported ex-girlfriend, Cydney Christine, launched a number of allegations against the rapper during a lengthy tirade on Twitter.

Christine started by subtweeting her ex and whichever woman he's currently involved with. Later, she tweeted about wanting a man who would reject other women before accusing Bibby of abuse.

"My ex is my biggest hater bro this n**** really poured a bottle of water on my head while I was getting ready 1 day & ripped my wig out the next day just cus he ain't want me posting pics on IG a goofy," Christine wrote before retweeting a response that read, "Umm he's not a hater, he's an abuser."

When another Twitter user asked if she was referring to the Chicago rapper, she retweeted the question seemingly confirming that Bibby was who she was talking about.

The model and producer then accused Bibby of cheating on her with a  White woman and supporting the other lady while he was living with her.

"My ex really bought a white b**** a whole mini mansion and the n**** himself was living with me," Christine added. "His moms don't even got a house that big. N***** are really f****** dumb bro. What type of n**** is going to buy a b**** a house that ain't even his and live at his own b**** rent free ? Who tf be raising y'all to think this is cool ?! You better go live with that white b**** sir."

She continued by retweeting a message that read, "N***** who like white woman are not to trust," before she replied, "OBSESSED with white women."

Christine insulted her ex further by writing, "Where's the lie. D*** already small & he want me to share it with other b****** ? no indeed."

Lil Bibby responded to his ex without mentioning her name and wrote, "Choose wisely. Seeing everything and saying nothing."

Christine later apologized for her tweets and wrote, "My actions on social media have been childish and unacceptable.. but I'll never tolerate harassment when all I'm asking for is peace."