Original Terror Squad member Cuban Link has issued a response to Fat Joe's statement regarding his absence from Big Pun's street naming ceremony.

Joe claimed he skipped the event because of his issues with other attendees, stating, "I could not go over there because there were people over there that I just ain't feeling and I ain't never gonna feel." 

Cuban Link claimed he and members of Pun's family were the people Joe was referring to. Before issuing his response to his former affiliate, he highlighted how "beautiful" the Big Pun event was before expressing his disappointment that the ceremony wasn't publicized more.

"As far as him talking about he will never stand next to us -- when I say, 'us,' those are the names I just dropped, you know everybody that came from Pun -- listen, it's never been about that," Cuban Link claimed. "He says Pun was his twin and he says prayers to Pun. Pun has been gone for 20 years so his prayers -- you don't usually use the word prayer to people like that who's been gone already."

Cuban Link also questioned what Fat Joe has done to honor Big Pun since his passing in 2000.

"Another thing is if you love Pun like you say you love Pun, usually love has a trail of actual physical attributes or things that you have done for him," he continued. "So if you love Pun, whatchu have done for him? I wanna know, we all wanna know since you love him. I wanna see what things in his name have you fought for."

Cuban Link accused Fat Joe of failing to help maintain a wall mural honoring Big Pun and said the Big Pun Plaza honor could have happened much sooner due to Joe's connections with Bronx politicians.

"For a street to be named after Pun was actually something I would have expected you to take control of and made happen way back," Cuban Link said. "Remember it's 20 years and this is when it's getting done and that's because of the pressure and consistency of the people and [Big Pun's wife] Liza and what she has done."

He continued by further questioning what Fat Joe has done since Pun's passing, pointing out Joe's fallout with Pun's family and highlighting that no foundation was created in Pun's name. He also added that he didn't want to stand next to Fat Joe either due to alleged lies.

"You don't have to be worrying about standing next to us or to me if you don't want to, I wouldn't want that either," he added. "I wouldn't want that either right now, I understand. When you stand next to the truth, it's difficult. It's difficult to face the truth and I understand that's why you don't wanna do it. You teach your peoples and your family not to stand next to us because it's gonna feel different because when the truth is the truth, lies can't stand next to them."

For the remainder of the response, Cuban Link challenged Fat Joe to prove the statements he's made in interviews over the years. To hear more, view the clip above.