Brandon Elliot is facing several hate crime and assault charges after attacking a 65-year-old Asian woman in Manhattan on Monday.

The 38-year-old suspect was apprehended on Wednesday after law enforcement released a still image of Elliot walking shortly before his attack on the woman. Thanks to various tips, police were able to track down Elliot's residence.

During questioning, Elliot reportedly identified himself in the image and asked if he was being questioned for an assault or a homicide because he didn't know if he killed his victim.

In the above clip, Elliot is seen kicking the victim down and stomping on her head as witnesses and building security guards watch and fail to intervene. Cops say Elliot made anti-Asian statements like "F*** you, you don't belong here," during the assault.

The company that owns the apartment complex adjacent to where the elderly woman was attacked has suspended the two security guards and is currently working with union representation to investigate the guards' response.

Elliot was on lifetime parole after serving 17 years in state prison for stabbing his mother to death. His 65-year-old victim suffered a broken pelvis, in addition to head and leg injuries, as a result of the attack. Elliot has been booked on two counts of assault as a hate crime, attempted assault as a hate crime, assault, and attempted assault.

Source: CNN