The mother of JayDaYoungan's son made some serious allegations against the rapper during her back-and-forth with JayDaYoungan's current girlfriend, Cuban Doll.

During the series of social media posts between Cuban Doll and JayDaYoungan's ex-girlfriend, known as Jordan B., Jordan revealed the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of JayDaYoungan while she was pregnant with their child. Jordan also provided photos of her injuries.

The argument between Cuban Doll and Jordan seemed to spark after Jordan posted old videos of JayDaYoungan with their son. After Cuban Doll tweeted, "A Hurt H*e Can't Hurt Me!," Jordan responded by tweeting, "@CubanDaSavage put a @ on it ... IM TIRED OF U."

Jordan called Cuban Doll "ran thru" and an "opportunist h*e" before accusing her of subliminally dissing her.

"You a embarrassment on your 'Boyfriend' who girlfriend acts like that towards they child mother," Jordan wrote. "Like if your so called happy and stuff why videos of my child and his daddy bother you? But oh well anyway."

On Instagram Live, Cuban Doll accused Jordan of trying to blackmail JayDaYoungan to which Jordan responded with images of the alleged abuse she suffered from JayDaYoungan during her pregnancy. The photos show Jordan with a black eye and bruises on various parts of her body, including her pregnant stomach.

"@cubanndasavage THIS WHAT IM BLACK MAILING HIM ON?" Jordan responded. "THIS WHAT THE LIL JOKE WAS BOUT ON LIVE? 'You had enough beatings' ... funny? Oh @jaydayoungan I'm not holding nothing over your head love , don't feel that way telling her that's how you feel tell me ... thanks :)."

JayDaYoungan was arrested in October 2020 after a domestic dispute in which he reportedly "punched, pushed, and grabbed" a woman, but she wasn't named at the time. The rapper was also arrested in February 2020 after he was accused of hitting a pregnant woman.