According to reports, the board of directors for Goya have voted to silence CEO Robert Unanue after comments he made in support of Donald Trump. Unanue reportedly said that Trump is still the actual president of the United States and also supported voter fraud claims.

During an appearance at the CPAC, Unanue said, “It’s just an honor to be here. But my biggest honor today is gonna be that -- I think we're gonna be on the same stage -- as, in my opinion, the real, the legitimate, and the still actual president of the United States, Donald J. Trump." As a result of his comments, Goya’s board voted to put a “full stop” on Unanue speaking to the media without their permission according to sources.

Unanue gave a statement to the NY Post following the board’s decision, saying, “Independently, I've made the decision to lower the temperature and walk away from speaking about politics and religion. I realize it's important because of the diverse views of the company and our market." Watch above.

source: CNN