Update 02/19/2021 8:27pm:

HoneyKomb Brazy took to Instagram on Friday to clarify what happened to his beloved grandparents. According to the Alabama rapper, reports that his grandparents were fatally shot and their home set ablaze is inaccurate. 

“Stop saying my granny n grandpa got set on fire,” HoneyKomb Brazy wrote on his IG Story. “They had COVID-19. Both of them was on oxygen tanks. They blew up when they was shooting in the house.”

Earlier on Friday, he posted how his grandparents' deaths have been affecting him. “I hear people saying they will do this or that, but at the end of the day, y’all ain't in my situation,” wrote HoneyKomb Brazy. “N ik it’s f*cked up how they did my ppl, but I’ll never do nun to no old ppl or kids to get back. It just ain't in me. My granny n grandpa ain't raise me like that. They wouldn't even want me to do dat. It just ain't no real n*gga shit. Everything I do for y’all granny n grandpa from here on out. Love y’all forever.”

Original 02/18/2021 9:44am:

The grandparents of rapper HoneyKomb Brazy were allegedly killed and their house set on fire on Wednesday (February 17) evening in Mobile, Alabama.

Local station UTV44 confirmed that the bodies of two people were found inside a house that was set on fire. It was also revealed that the fire damaged another home next door. Footage of the blaze was uploaded online, with one distressed woman audibly crying out as the house continued to burn.

HoneyKomb Brazy confirmed the news of his grandparents' death on Instagram with a post, which reads, "Long live grandma n grandpa y’all was my heart fr I put y’all in every song I hate y’all got caught up In my Sh*t smh this Sh*t hurt main I beg y’all to let me move y’all everyday but y’all Taught me how to be stand up guy y’all always told me If it’s our time it’s our time god got us that’s how ik y’all in heaven y’all baby boy got y’all fasho granny granny Ima miss u bad already n I’ma fasho miss smoking that gas gas wit u grandpa y’all save me a spot cause I’m most definitely coming to see y’all."