Frustrated with the slow turning of the wheels of justice, Cardi B took to Instagram to ask her followers to help identify a man she says recently robbed her cousin in New York. 

Cardi shared a photo of a bald-headed white man, who she claims is the suspect, but she later took the photo down at the encouragement of T.I. and several others. She then took to social media with an explanation, stating, "So I want to make this clear for the dumb people in the back. They’re not that bright. So OK, the reason why I posted a photo of that man is because I want information on that man because I feel like the cops is not moving fast enough."

Cardi added, "But anyways, let me tell y’all. So there’s good people in this world, like I feel like I’m a good person. But then there’s people who are just extremely sweet, extremely nice. So my cousin, he’s a Christian and he’s a really nice person, so this man was stuck on the highway or something, and this guy flagged my cousin. He was like, ‘I need a ride ’cause I’m stuck’ and everything. So my cousin said, ‘OK, I’m gonna drop you at the gas station. When my cousin was giving him a ride, he put a gun on his head, he started putting the gun on his chest and he robbed them and he made them continue driving for like around 30 minutes, just driving him around for no reason."

You can hear her full explanation above.