Snoop Dogg’s storied career found him rapping about the lifestyle he once had, and he even crossed paths and hung out with greats like Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. in the process. However, Snoop noted that although he and his peers rapped about similar things when they first dropped, he changed up the subject of his content after losing both of his peers back-to-back.

While speaking to Fatman Scoop, Snoop gave insight into why he changed up his style. Snoop noted that he changed up the path of his content after beating a murder case in 1993. Along with that, he noticed many rappers, along with himself, were actually bringing scenarios to themselves just by rapping about it, which also sparked his change.

Snoop said, “I felt like I had wrote death all up until that point. When I started writing Tha Doggfather, I lost a lot of fans, I lost a lot of homies, because they wanted me to keep it gangsta after beating the murder case. They wanted me to glamorize and glorify... but I was like, somebody's life was lost. My life was changed. This is a real situation." Watch above.