Authorities in Arizona recently released bodycam footage from a fatal shooting on Jan 9.

According to reports, the man allegedly took his child hostage after an argument with the mother at a nearby motel. The motel manager reportedly called the police and told them the man was "beating his old lady." Not soon after the hotel manager called the police, the woman called the authorities and said, "My husband just took my baby. He has a gun. He's loaded. He took the baby. He is trying to kill him. He's fired. He's shooting...he's going to kill people!" 

The man was later identified as 37-year-old Paul Bolden, and the woman was his girlfriend, not his wife. Moreover, the baby was the couple's son. Police say Bolden fired his weapon when they arrived on the scene. After refusing to drop his gun, cops say he pointed his firearm at the baby and a bystander. This was met with a live round from an officer, which later proved fatal.