According to reports, Kodak Black was among those pardoned by Donald Trump on his last day in office. The Florida rapper will soon be freed after serving a year in jail for falsifying information on federal forms to purchase firearms from a Miami gun shop on two different occasions. 

While the hip-hop world is rejoicing at Kodak getting to come home, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce O. Brown wrote in his motion, “(Kodak Black) has not presented ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ supporting his request for release.”

Brown continued, “Stated (for) correction: (Kodak) has not presented ANY reason supporting his request for release. He merely states he is not an evil person and promises to participate in community-based programs aimed at helping the ‘younger generation.’ That simply is inadequate pursuant to the statute.”

Several rappers and others across the sports & entertainment industry called for Trump to pardon Kodak, such as Lil Yachty, Lamar Jackson, and several others. In spite of Brown's best efforts, it appears Kodak will be home far sooner than his initial sentence intended.