Travis Scott has been in the headlines recently after fans speculated that a Verzuz battle was allegedly going down between him and Future. The news was shut down by Future’s team, and now Scott is back in the news after jeweler Ben Baller took to social media to call out Scott for “bootleg” jewelry.

Travis Scott recently got new jewelry made by Eliantte Jewelers, who crafted two Takashi Murakami chains for the rapper. However, the chains weren’t co-signed by Murakami, according to sources, and Ben Baller took to Instagram to call out the “bootleg” pieces.

Ben Baller said, “Oh yeah. That piece ain't official Murakami if he didn't co-sign it or even know about it. Imagine making a piece without the actual artist's blessing. That's called 'bootleg'." Since then, Eliantte has fired back via IG, saying, “Jealousy will have you gossiping about a person you should be learning from.” Take a look above.