Full Interview: Boskoe100 on Young Buck, Kanye, King Von, Playboi Carti, DaBaby, 2Pac (Full)
Part 4: Boskoe on Defending Vlad When People Call Him "The Feds"
Part 2: Boskoe100 & Vlad Argue Over Young Buck's Interview About Trans Situation
Part 1: Boskoe100 Laughs at Vlad Offering to Interview Capitol Building Attackers


In the latest clip, Boskoe100 and DJ Vlad the two spoke on Vlad being accused of being a fed, while rappers implicate themselves on social media. The spoke about Vlad being implicated in Casanova's legal issues, leading Vlad to dispel the rumors by breaking down the specifics of the paperwork in Casanova's case. Boskoe added that law enforcement is watching rappers long before they ever participate in a media interview.