Full Interview: Larry Mazza on Him & Grim Reaper Doing Over 20 Mafia Hits (Full Interview)
Part 17: Larry Mazza on Working with Robert De Niro & Martin Scorsese on 'The Irishman'
Part 15: Larry Mazza if There were Hits on Him for Cooperating with Feds Against Mafia
Part 1: Larry Mazza on Having an Affair with Wife of the Mob's "Grim Reaper"


In this clip, Larry Mazza talked about why he declined going into witness protection after being released from prison. He said that he's more fearful of what the FBI was capable of doing to him than he was anyone "in the life." Later, Mazza recounted running into actor Armand Assante, who famously played John Gotti in a 1996 TV series, and what came of their meeting.