Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol on Wednesday during their "Stop The Steal" rally.

The group of demonstrators held their rally at the National Mall before tearing through at least four fence lines to reach the Capitol building where Senators and members of Congress were voting to certify the 2020 Election results. After breaking through barriers, MAGA loyalists charged and clashed with the police while attempting to get inside of the building.

The Capitol complex's House Cannon Office Building was ordered to be evacuated as a result of the incident and several police officers were injured during the clash.

A handful of protestors were able to make it inside the Capitol building and attempted to get inside of the Senate chamber. The certification vote was put on pause and Vice President Mike Pence was escorted out of the room. Congress members were also evacuated from the building after tear gas was deployed.

Stay tuned as the story develops.