A Black family in a Dallas suburb were victims of harassment and vandalism as their two cars were set afire and had "Trump 20" painted on their garage. All of this, because of a Black Lives Matter sign, the family flew in front of their home. 

“It’s definitely a hate crime,” said Jayla Gipson, 36, who told NBC News that her 21-year-old son was the one to initially smell the smoke from the burning cars around midnight on Wednesday. “‘Trump 2020’ was sprayed on our garage, our ‘Black Lives Matter’ sign was spray-painted, and our cars were engulfed in flames.”

An investigation is underway, but there have yet to be any arrests. Luckily, no injuries were reported as a result of the incident. However, it's not lost on Gipson what the source of the vandals' attack was: “Had that sign not been in my yard, I don’t think this would have ever been an incident for us.”

She told reporters, “My life does matter, and regardless of how anyone feels or what their beliefs or opinions is — it’s something that I’m voicing to the universe,” adding, “Black lives matter.’”

Source: nbcnews.com