NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal and Wild 'n Out's Hitman Holla engaged in a friendly rap battle on Instagram. While no reason was given, Shaq called out the battle rap star with a quick two bars.

"First of all, when I spit you know I ain't no joke / Hitman Holla you don't want this smoke," Shaq rapped.

Hitman Holla quickly responded while shopping inside a store and hit the former NBA center with two bars of his own.

"Ay yo Shaq, I don't care about you being 7'1. What, you think you won't get slapped a bit? / Baseball bat to the stomach. I'ma make Shaquille O'Neal like Kaepernick," the battle rapper responded.

Shaq, refusing to back down, directed more bars at Hitman Holla and threatened to treat him like opposing players during his playing days.

"First of all, you can't call me Shaq, address me as Dolla / Every time I hit a man, what the f*** you think he do? I'll tell you...Holla / If we was playing ball right now, I'll 'bo you...get off me / Lil n***** like you I drink like Starbucks coffee," Shaq said.

Hitman Holla seemed to end the two-round battle by providing the last verse in the back and forth when he rapped, "Now you want me to call you Dolla. Ain't that Dame name? / Boy if you elbow me, I'ma wrap you up and bow you now we playing the same game / This ain't basketball you'll never yell, 'get off me' / 100 rounds. Boy I'm quick to give a star bucks I don't need coffee."