Full Interview: Mike Tyson on 2Pac, Boosie, Roy Jones, Holyfield, Don King, Buster Douglas (Full)
Part #16: Mike Tyson Denies Rumors that He Shaved His Teeth Before Holyfield Fight
Part #14: Mike Tyson: I Feel Guilty Over 2Pac Killed After My Fight, I Pressured Him to Come
Part #1: Mike Tyson on 2-Minute Rounds in Roy Jones Fight: It Takes 2 Seconds for a KO


In this clip, Mike Tyson reacted to Keefe D telling his side of the story when it came to 2Pac being shot, Mike says he doesn't think Keefe D was lying. Mike added that Keefe D didn't have a reason to lie, and he went on to speak about being happy to see old friends still alive. To hear more, hit the above clip.