Two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry and his endorsement home, Under Armour, have launched the standalone "Curry Brand" to better compete with Nike's Jordan Brand. The new brand will feature gear for several sports, most notably basketball and golf. While speaking with Sports Illustrated's Jarrel Harris, Curry said, "Obviously, basketball is the no-brainer and my expression of what I do best, but when it comes to golf and when it comes running and training and when it comes other sports, that is part of my experience growing up." 

He continued:

"I always played other sports, got exposed to a lot of different skill sets and people, and that was big in my development. I feel like whatever a kid is interested in, we want to be able to present an opportunity to kind of live that out. We are going to start with basketball, and we want to make sure we have the product, programming and the arenas they would be able to go to and participate and hopefully scale out and brand out from there."

The brand will also focus on youth sports initiatives. Their first investment will be $1 million to the nonprofit, Positive Coaching Alliance, to better prepare youth coaches. Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk said: 

"A big piece of the Curry Brand is going to be investing into youth sports and creating a network and support around kids' participation in sports. We are starting with over a $1 million investment to people, programs, products and places—so that is our four P's. Safe places to play, court refurbishments and investing in programs that will get kids active in a safe way in fields to play, courts and around the right people and influencers."