Travis Scott has had a successful 2020 despite not releasing much music. The rapper has established himself as one of the most profitable artists of the year through his creative partnerships with some of the world's most recognized companies.

Forbes profiled Travis Scott's deals with Nike, McDonald's, Sony, and other companies and broke down how much the rapper is expected to earn.

His most recent deal with Sony for its Playstation 5 has already earned him $1 million. But with a co-branded console and game designed by Travis, he's expected to earn $20 million.

While his McDonald's deal netted him $5 million, his merchandise for the endorsement bumped his earnings up to $15 million.

Travis Scott earns an estimated $10 million per year from Nike. While the deal isn't his most profitable, the endorsement has raised his value to other brands.

In its profile, Forbes also reveals more information about Travis Scotts's upcoming alcohol brand Cacti and his upcoming album Utopia.

Source: Forbes