Part 2: Faizon Love Compares Dave East to Tekashi: He Ain't Been Pressured Yet


Faizon Love returned to VladTV for a second time. During the first clip, Faizon Love and DJ Vlad discussed the amount of time it took for them to come together for Faizon's first VladTV interview. When Vlad revealed that it took him seven years to secure a Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins interview, Faizon recalled working with the legendary music producer.

The conversation transitioned to Faizon Love's reason for calling Dave East a fake crip. The comedian said he agreed with BG Knocc Out questioning why he cared whether Dave East was a real crip or not. Faizon Love explained that he grew up in the culture and cautioned Dave East about making that information public to potential rival gang members.