Lil Wayne and Lil Baby recently sat down for a joint interview with Rolling Stone, where they spoke about how they got started rapping and early influences.

When speaking about their processes in the studio, Lil Baby revealed that he knows a song is a hit when his homies in the studio tell him to playback something. Lil Wayne went on to say that he remembers those days, but he explained that he now goes to the studio alone. 

Wayne stated, "I remember those days. Now I go into the studio by myself. I don’t like n***as to be around my sh*t. I don’t got nobody to pop their head, tell me it’s fire or something. I just go off. Other than that is just feeling, man. I start making some sh*t up in my head."

Wayne then revealed that he and Lil Baby have a new song on his upcoming project, No Ceilings 3.