Update 11/24/2020 11:50am:

Boosie recently was in Texas to pay his respects to the late Mo3 when he was reportedly shot in the leg while at the vigil for his friend. Since then, Boosie noted that he was alive and well by giving multiple updates on his health. The rapper noted that rumors about his leg needing to be amputated as a result of the shooting were false. He did note that he had to get surgery though. Now, after two surgeries related to the shooting, Boosie has revealed more news.

Via Twitter, Boosie said, “2 Surgeries On My Leg and 1 More To Go #ShakeBack #4S**t.” Boosie’s previous two surgeries found doctors removing bullet fragments along with putting screws in his foot so that he can heal his foot in the correct manner. Stay tuned for more details.

Update 11/22/2020 4:31pm:

Previously, it was revealed that Boosie was shot in the leg while in Texas for the funeral of the late Mo3. The rapper was reportedly attending a vigil that paid tribute to the late rapper when shots rang out, hitting him in the leg. Now, Boosie has taken to Twitter to give an update on his health since the shooting.

Via Twitter, Boosie said, “OUT THE HOSPITAL #athome Thanks to all the ones who prayed fa me, N YEAH I STILL GOT MY LEG.” Take a look above.

Original 11/19/2020 12:20pm:

Boosie's manager took to Instagram to deny reports that the rapper will need his leg amputated after getting shot in the leg in Texas last week. He shared a screenshot of a report with "FAKE NEWS" scrolled above the headline. 

This comes after Boosie shared an update with fans on his status, writing, "I'm good. Appreciate all the happy birthday wishes and get well soon wishes."