Update 11/21/2020 1:35pm:

Previously it was revealed that teen shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was released from the Kenosha County Jail after his $2 million bond was posted. Families of the victim noted they are concerned because there is a possibility for the teen to flee since he isn’t in police custody. Now, the lawyer for Rittenhouse has revealed some of the people who donated to the teen's bond. One of the people mentioned was actor Ricky Schroder.

Lin Wood took to Twitter and called out Schroder for his help, saying, “God bless ALL Who donated to help #FightBack raise required $2M cash bail.” He also posted a photo of Rittenhouse, himself, and Schroder, which Schroder has since retweeted in support of the move. Along with that, the lawyer noted that MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell also donated money towards the bond of Rittenhouse. The accused murderer is set to be back in court on December 3 for a preliminary hearing. Stay tuned for more details.

source: THR

Original 11/20/2020 7:39pm:

According to reports, Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen shooter that killed two people and wounded a third during protests in Kenosha, WI, following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, was released from Kenosha County Jail after posting a $2 million bond. Rittenhouse's release was met with much backlash, spearheaded by the families of the teen's victims. The families expressed concern that Rittenhouse could flee now that he is no longer in police custody. 

Rittenhouse's bail was funded through a series of donations solicited by his attorney, who positioned the teen as a sympathetic figure on the right-wing. Families of the victims suggested Rittenhouse's bail be set for at least $10 million and called his claim of self-defense "impossible." 

It's not immediately clear where Rittenhouse will reside pending trial. He previously lived with his mother in Antioch, IL, before the shootings but has moved since then, citing a concern for her safety. The next hearing is scheduled for Dec 3.  

Source: chicagotribune.com