Jeezy and Gucci Mane's Verzuz ended on a high note when the two performed "So Icy" together. However, the live event had some uncomfortable moments, especially when Gucci Mane performed the Jeezy diss track, "Truth," and taunted his former rival about killing his friend.

During an interview with the Breakfast Club, Jeezy reflected on the Verzuz and acknowledged that the event could have been "all bad." Jeezy said that at that moment he had to decide between "my legacy or my people," highlighting that the occasion was bigger than the two rappers involved.

Jeezy explained his response to Gucci's disrespect at the 6:45 mark and replied, "I looked at it like we ain't sixth graders. We not kids. You can't antagonize me with something that we both understand 'cause I'm not in the same mental space as I was 20 years ago and I know I can't let you take me there. That would have been the biggest upset in my life because I have self-control and I'm very self-aware. It's just like, 'Hold up man, if that was the case, we might as well not even came here.'"

"In my mind, I didn't feel no way about it because I've already heard the song," Jeezy continued. "I already know what people may think of the situation and you know that as well so you can't antagonize me with that live and think that you're gonna get a response because I'm not that same person I was 20 years ago when that's how things spiraled out of control anyway...I took the last ten years to better myself because of a lot of things that happened in my life. I just promise myself I would never put myself in those positions again because when you react and somebody gets you off your square and you acting out of anger or you acting out of anxiety, it's normally not the right decision."

Before speaking about the tense moments, Jeezy recalled he and Gucci Mane's failed attempts at reconciling and felt the Verzuz was a real moment of healing for them.

"It's been going on almost two decades," Jeezy said. "It was a point when we were cool...The real s*** that went on, that's just something me and him gonna have to figure out later on but for y'all it's just like I understand it. The more it goes on, the worse it's gonna be so we at least [at] the forefront of it so anybody who's behind us, that's the way to go…time heals all. But that was effort—it was in front of the world. It wasn't even for show. It's real-life; we both gotta come to grips with that. We both gotta really be men."