In this VladTV exclusive Doctor Dre, the former co-host of  "Yo! MTV Raps," sat with Shawn Prez and detailed his legendary career in Hip Hop. The Hip Hop pioneer talked about meeting Chuck D, former Def Jam President Bill Stephney, and Hip Hop journalist Harry Allen in college and getting into DJing. Dre also explained how Original Concept was formed and later signed to Def Jam. The former VJ aired out his grievances with Def Jam, particularly Rick Rubin, before describing how he and Ed Lover were chosen to host "Yo! MTV Raps."

Doctor Dre commented on the show's notable guests and how he was a connector for many legendary Hip Hop artists. He also explained how he was in the middle of the incident between Dee Barnes and NWA and how "Yo! MTV Rap" was an important place for rap artists to settle their differences. Doctor Dre also gave an optimistic update on his health status and how he's been living with diabetes.

Interview by Shawn Prez
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