According to reports, two sisters from the West Chicago area have been denied bond after allegedly attacking a store security guard, stabbing the person 27 times, over a mask request. Jessica Hill, 21, and Jayla Hill, 18, were both charged with attempted murder after one sister allegedly held the victim down by his hair as the other stabbed him in the chest and body 27 times.

Authorities say the victim informed the Hill sisters to use hand sanitizer and wear their masks when entering the store to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The request quickly escalated into a full-blown verbal and, subsequently, physical alteration. Prior to the stabbing, one of the sisters hit the victim over the head with a trash can, followed by kicking the man several times while he was on the ground. The sisters then began stabbing him leaving numerous puncture wounds. However, the victim's injuries didn't require surgery nor stitches.