Update 10/27/2020 10:59am:

Donald Trump was recently seen walking out of a ’60 Minutes’ interview with journalist Lesley Stahl, and the clip of Trump went viral. Trump reportedly felt Stahl was asking him unfair questions, and now news surfaced noting Stahl has been provided security by CBS due to a death threat that was made to the home of a family member located on the west coast.

CBS reportedly has guards looking after the homes of Lesley Stahl and members of her family, and also escorting the family members if they go out in the public. Sources from the police reportedly said the death threat call was revealed to LAPD last Thursday, and the call made in reference to Stahl also found the person referring to neo-nazis. The call came only days after news surfaced that Trump left the interview early, and hours before Trump decided to release the full interview ahead of the ’60 Minutes’ broadcast.

source: TMZ

Original 10/26/2020 2:21pm:

Trump has made it clear that he is only for media that shows him in a favorable light, and now footage of Trump leaving a ’60 Minutes’ interview has surfaced.

Trump was talking to journalist Lesley Stahl while in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when he could be seen going at the journalist for asking him questions he seemed to not care for. Trump ultimate told Stahl “you’ve discredited yourself” after she asked asked him about “fake news.” From there, the producer of the interview gave a time check, and Trump ended up getting up to walk away from the interview. Watch above. 

source: CBS News