Update 10/21/2020 8:56am:

Sada Baby came under fire earlier this week after some controversial tweets he wrote around 2010-2011 surfaced. The tweets included messages deemed to be homophobic, misogynistic, and colorist, which he initially brushed off by stating, "Y'all [can't] cancel a n**** who was never a part of that fake a** world anyway. Keep [turning] me up [though]."

A short while later, Sada Baby returned to Instagram with an apology video, where he stated, "My first initial response to the tweets on my story may give people the idea that I don't sympathize with females that have been raped or situations. I'm almost 30-years-old and I don't f**kin' tweet, don't got the password to my Twitter, none of that... That's old sh*t that you can't judge me on. As far as the homophobic tweets, I got homosexuals that work at my label, you feel me, that's personally worked with me. I deal with him twice, two, three times out the month."

The Detroit rapper then added, "My baby brother is blacker than Lil Yachty. You can't think I'm a colorist. All that sh*t is just some old sh*t from when a n*gga was young and just wildin' out." Sada Baby then stated, "That sh*t is not acceptable." You can hear his full statement above.

Original 10/20/2020 6:46pm:

Sada Baby's mainstream popularity surged following his viral hit, "Whole Lotta Choppas," and Nicki Minaj hopping on the track's remix. However, many have taken issue with the Detroit rapper after some old, problematic tweets were exposed.

The tweets, most of which are dated between 2010-2011, contain homophobia, date rape, and colorism. Considering the rapper's current age, Sada Baby was 18 or 19-years-old when most of the tweets were posted.

"Smh being a F** should be illegal," Sada Baby wrote in 2010. Additional tweets read, "I wanna slip #Oomf a roofie n rape her a** all night," and "I HATE DARK SKINNED PPL."

Another one of Sada Baby's tweets took aim at Beyonce while a more recent comment showed the 27-year-old making a derogatory statement to a Lil Nas X fan page.

Despite the backlash on social media, Sada Baby responded to the resurfaced tweets in his Instagram Story wasn't too concerned about his detractors.

"Y'all [can] find every and any old tweet in the world from me. I don't [care]," Sada Baby wrote. "I'm not even logged into my [Twitter] and haven't been for months. Y'all [can't] cancel a n**** who was never a part of that fake a** world anyway. Keep [turning] me up [though]."

Take a look at Sada Baby's old tweets above.